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"Less stressful than it was before," Elsbeth replied, though she fell into step behind the former Medic without hesitation, joining him in walking at the water’s edge. 

"Uh, let’s see… I’m still doing mindwalks of course. I seem to be making progress with one of my patients, and that’s encouraging. What else… oh, my boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago. Though to be honest, I’m relieved." She breathed a weak chuckle that didn’t entirely make its way out. "My work doesn’t make it easy for partners. But other than that…" She trailed off and frowned down at her hands, watching the fingers twist around each other. There wasn’t really anything to complain about. No one was in immediate danger, she did not want for food, or shelter, or friends.


She shrugged, even though Friedrich wouldn’t see it unless he looked over his shoulder. If he did, he might notice how little effort she put into the gesture.

"… I’m okay. I guess." She didn’t sound at all like she believed it.

Friedrich, of all people, could hardly be fooled by Elsbeth attempting to shrug off what was obviously deep-rooted pain. He had long practiced the illusion of a stony exterior. ”We both know that’s a lie,” he stated. 

He stopped walking and turned to face her. The lake nearby reflected the fading light in the sky upon its rippling waters. He turned to face her, no trace of a smile on his features. “The kind of job you were forced to bear shouldn’t be anything one person can shoulder alone. And I know you must still carry the pain, even after…” He paused, knowing he was treading on what was likely sensitive territory. “What happened, earlier, in your mind.”

He hesitated. “But there’s something else, isn’t there? Talk to me, Elsbeth.”

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Elsbeth felt her heart twist and sink at the sight. Time and stress had not been kind to her friend— or perhaps they never had been to begin with. It seemed insult to injury that age would catch up with him just when he’d turned a new corner, finally looking ahead instead of looking back.

All the same, a bright smile spread over her face at his words, and she lay a hand over one of his in greeting, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"It’s so good to see you again, Friedrich."

It truly was.

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He jerked back, eyes wide, body trembling. He was splashed with blood- it stood out so starkly on the white and blue outfit he wore. Pinkish gray bits of brain matter stuck in his dark hair.

Covered in blood. Surrounded by dead bodies. Gunshots. It jerked him back to a memory he couldn’t forget but tried to keep as buried as possible. Icy blue eyes dart around for a person who wasn’t there. His heart was beating so fast.

Berühren Sie mich nicht… bitte… Berühren Sie mich nicht…

He scoots back, pressed against the wall hard, looking at the older man yet not really seeing him. Once he was capable of rational thought again, he would be very grateful for the rescue. For now, all there was was blood, death, gunshots, assault… a situation all too close to the one that had driven him far from his home.

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The sinking sun cast deep shadows over the grass in the park, heralding the approaching night. Despite the darkening sky, someone stood waiting beneath one of the trees, watching her surroundings for a sign of familiar movement.

Elsbeth tried to keep from looking anxious, but she still could not help but pace a little, wondering if Friedrich would show up, and what on earth they could talk about once he did. It had been so long, and he never was the best of conversationalists.

In the distance, a figure appeared from around a bend of trees. He was dressed in a dark trench-coat, and the blocky outline of a hat upon his head gave his figure a rather rectangular silhouette. 

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"Thank you for this gift."

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Dear Friedrich,

I’m sorry that I don’t write often enough, though I’m sure that there is nothing I can report that Karl already hasn’t told you in his letters. I do think of you quite a lot; I hope that you are doing well and you haven’t been running into too much trouble. How is your son? I’d like to meet him sometime, if you’re all right with that.

As for me, I confess that I am feeling a little restless these days. I’m not sure why. Maybe the borders of my contract are beginning to chafe at me again, or perhaps it’s that I haven’t had very much to do at work. I suppose that I should be happy that there haven’t been any disasters lately amongst my friends, but I feel rather uncomfortable when there is nothing for me to do. Doubtless the feeling will pass once something comes up and I’m back to guiding people through the perilous mazes of their own minds.

Let’s catch up, sometime. I miss you.


When Friedrich checked his mail that morning, he was not expecting a heartfelt message from the therapist who had become, for all intents and purposes, a friend.

It took him hours to figure out what to say. When he found himself seated at his desk that afternoon, with nothing but a flickering desklamp lighting his cramped study, he finally put his pen to paper.

In typical Friedrich fashion, the letter Elsbeth would soon receive in correspondence simply contained the following statement:

Meet me at the park on 8/20 at 6:30 PM.


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Its not exactly clear WHO was responsible for such an atrocious act of treacherous barbarism but non the less it remained. Someone had stolen in to a personal place of sanctuary, gutted it and proceeded to defile its personal touch.

Decimated more like.

Friedrich steinkopf would never know just who would have had such a vendetta against him (though there were a few). Who ever it was certainly possessed a sick sense of humor. He would have heard no one skulking about his apartment regardless if he had been home or not. The damage was done. The aftermath? His personal quarters being a mess haphazard battlefield which spewed the entire contents of a pink obsessed five year old ever every last inch.

D-emasculating? Just a bit.

There was a sound on a microscopic level.

It was the sound of Friedrich’s eyebrows shooting down in a split second.

He turned and immediately left, muttering to himself.

((ilu this is gorgeous <3 ITS SO FRITO)) 

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Hey everyone! This is a thing that Rooster and I just started and we would love it if you’d stop by, if you enjoy art askblogs and rp blogs or need someone to talk to. It’s all about sharing the love. :>


Welcome to the Seffkai blog! This is an independent RP and advice blog for the characters Kaikuro Raoson and Seffrahn Saphir (collectively known as Seffkai).


Seffkai are very affectionate folk: platonic, unconditional and selfless in their love for others. They would love to talk with you or your characters (and they are very good for hugs and cuddles, if need be). In any way they can, Seffkai are here to help.

Open for roleplays with other characters, both OC and fandom-affiliated.

They are also open for advice-related questions or asks, particularly as they pertain to depression, anxiety, or emotional hurt.

They care for each other, they care for you.

Come say hello if you so feel inclined! They would very much enjoy some company.

-Rooster and Aeo (mods, Seffrahn and Kaikuro respectively)

Thanks guys. 

Slapping this up here too. Thanks!

Friedrich Steinkopf is a historical fiction post-WWII OC.
I mostly RP in the TF2 world. I prefer to RP real-world settings
but I am open to RPing with any fandom and time period.

OC Blog: Kaikuro Raoson, Empath
Bi-Monthly Featured RPer: Discontinued, see Past Features

ACTIVITY STATUS: Inactive, Will RP When
Invited or Asked

CHARACTER STATUS:No Longer A Merc in TF2AU: A Civilian


Please read my RP Policy!
Contained here is all the information you need to know about
how my blog is run and when you can expect replies.

I follow the tag friedrichsteinkopf.
Sometimes it doesn't update though, so please
send me an ask if you start an rp!
My character might be stiff and depressing and I
may write in a formulaic and stuffy way, but i'm not a scary
person. In fact I am probably more scared of you than
you are of me soooo don't feel shy to strike up a conversation
with me <:D